The SoteDesign is a human centred design of healthcare and social welfare services. “Sote” means social and healthcare in Finnish and Design references the ideology of design thinking. When we combine Sote and Design we have SoteDesign-methodology which uses methods of service design and it is based on design thinking. At the centre of SoteDesign are people and the value that is created for people through the services.

Tutustu tarkemmin

SoteDesign the Salivirta way!

In our work we combine the strong understanding of healthcare and social welfare services with design thinking. We help our customers to identify their main stakeholders and needs of development. Our strength is that we understand the special features of healthcare and social welfare services. We have the expertise to conceptualize what technology can offer to develop interoperable systems and services. Design thinking and its methods helps us to bring together user needs and the technology that construct interoperable services.

We are experts in developing proficient services of healthcare and social welfare. We offer our expertise to help you through different collaborative projects and we are more than happy to help you in the following areas:

  • Digitalization of healthcare and social welfare services –Our strength is to help our customers to define, develop and introduce the user and customer centred IT- and technology solutions.
  • Conceptualization and Productization of Services with and without technology
  • Developing the employee experience
  • Developing and managing customer experience
  • Modelling, evaluating, and developing customer journeys and care paths
  • Branding and marketing of healthcare and social welfare services

We help you to design your development and provide tools to achieve your goals. We love to organize training and coaching workshops concerning service design in healthcare and social welfare environments. Our service designers are experienced instructors, performers, and facilitators. We ask the right questions to guide you to reach your goals and identify the opportunities for change.

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