Ville Holopainen

Ville Holopainen

Managing consultant
Master of Science in Healthcare (Health management science), Paramedic and Registered Nurse (University of applied sciences)

With smart use of technology, we will build better healthcare and social welfare services for tomorrow

Ville Holopainen is an experienced healthcare and social welfare professional who has extensive industry and management know-how, especially of field work in healthcare. Ville has worked in diverse positions, such as an emergency first aid provider, which became an excellent foundation for him to manage expert tasks that require staying in control in challenging situations.

Ville is interested in developing healthcare and social welfare processes with the utilisation of digitalisation. He has helped various healthcare and social welfare organisations reach the goals that have been set for the implementation of new technological solutions. For instance, the utilisation of speech recognition as part of the documentation of treatment, or the possibilities of healthcare and social welfare client’s use of e-services for more seamless customer journeys.

In the development of processes, solutions and services, Ville emphasizes on understanding the people and the organisation: it is a matter of interaction that technology provides a platform and means to. The key to IT provided added value is process thinking that understands the user and customer, as well as moves the organisation towards its goals.

Ville has worked at Salivirta since 2021.

Ville’s expertise

  • Healthcare and social welfare industry know-how
  • Participatory workshop and steering group -based work, also remotely
  • Designing development projects
  • Change management
  • Process thinking