Susanna Martikainen

Susanna Martikainen

Managing Consultant, Service Designer of social welfare and healthcare services
Doctor of Philosophy, Computer Science; Bachelor of Culture and Arts, Graphic Design

Susanna is an experienced healthcare and social welfare information system expert who has over ten years of experience in developing the usability and user experience of client and patient information systems. Before starting at Salivirta, Susanna has worked in various positions from usability expert to managing UX teams.

Susanna has a PhD in computer science and a bachelor’s degree in graphic design. In her doctoral dissertation she studied the development of the usability of healthcare and social welfare information systems and the users’ involvement in the development. In addition, she has studied management and has successfully utilised the ideology and methods of service design in her work.

Design thinking provides tools for developing operations and information systems simultaneously to construct interoperability and efficient workflows. Years of experience has also given Susanna outlook on how usability should be taken more into consideration as part of procurement processes of the healthcare and social welfare information systems.

Susanna has worked at Salivirta since 2021.

Susanna’s expertise

  • Service design
  • Design thinking
  • UX Design
  • Usability testing/assessments
  • Requirements specifications, especially user perspective and operational requirements
  • Characterization and development of workflows and processes
  • Healthcare and social welfare industry know-how