Timo Siira

Timo Siira

Managing Consultant
Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration

Patience in work bears fruit, but even patience does not help if the direction is lost. It is good to take personal chemistries and matters of emotion in consideration, even if you are just working on IT solutions!

Timo has been involved in business development and information technology projects for more than 20 years. The clientele of these projects ranges from companies and public administration to third sector operators. The projects have focused on improving clients’ operations and information management by applying information technology, ICT solution assessments, enterprise architectures (EA), requirements specifications, and procurements.

Timo has worked at Salivirta since 2008.

Timo’s expertise

As an enterprise architect

  • Specifications of enterprise architecture (strategic level in particular)
  • Creating EA management models
  • Practical implementation of techniques and representation methods

As a requirements specification expert

  • Enterprise architecture management
  • Process and information modelling
  • Collection and harmonisation of the requirements from different user groups
  • Requirements specification documentation

As a procurement consultant

  • Enterprise architecture modelling
  • Specification of the object of procurement
  • Specification of information systems requirements
  • Carrying out the procurement process from the specification stage until the implementation

Timo has good command of the architecture techniques and interface specifications (i.e. according to HL7 standard), as well as excellent understanding of the healthcare and social welfare industry.