Jari Salomaa

Jari Salomaa

Development Director
Licentiate of Administration, Diploma in Marketing Management MJD

We are truly living in time of paradoxes and all of us are seeking for answers. Technological revolution, puzzle of understanding and combining different parts of businesses and the renewal of working life are all phenomena which forces us to re-evaluate the meaning and the change of leadership and culture. We in Salivirta are ready and willing to reinterpret the change with our clients in social and health care organizations

Jari has been a leader in management teams or expert and counsellor in different organizations specializing in management consulting and training. He’s been consulting clients with strategy and its implementation, decision making and management systems. He has plenty of experience of change management and leadership evaluation.

His experience about leading people and client-oriented top executive leaders coaching gives him capacity to face management challenges with clients. Jari’s knowledge and experience are useful in case you need external assessment of your strategy implementation or management systems. Jari is a professional coach for management teams and leaders.

Jari is developing assessment guidelines, principles and practises for soft Controls. In other words, he’s innovating the way you can ensure your organization values, ethics and working life quality are the base of the culture you want to create and sustain. And as we know, committed people are the most valuable result of good leadership.

Jari’s special expertise

  • Strategy process and strategy implementation consulting
  • Management systems, management teams and leadership assessment and development
  • Strategic HR and change management programs