Jari Salomaa

Jari Salomaa

Executive coach, Deputy Managing Director
Licentiate of Administrative Sciences, Diploma in Marketing Management (MJD), CBC, CEC

We are truly living in time of paradoxes and all of us are seeking for answers. Understanding the technological revolution, interoperability of different parts of businesses, and the renewal of working life also requires the re-evaluation of leadership and culture. Values, ethics and the quality of working life emerge as the focal points. We in Salivirta are ready and willing to reinterpret the change with our clients in social and health care organisations

Jari has over 20 years of experience working in specialist, management and development positions in training and consulting companies. His specialities include developing and implementing strategies, reforming management systems, and developing the client’s management skills and capacity for change. Jari is a Certified Business Coach CBC and a Certified Executive Coach CEC.

His experience of management positions and client-oriented coaching for top executives in processes of change has given Jari the capacity to help the client find the solutions and directions for development that are meaningful and influential for both individuals and communities. Jari can act as an external evaluator of operations, counsellor, process consultant or management coach. Jari also has experience as a project manager of network programs and research-assisted development projects of working life.

Jari has worked at Salivirta since 2009.

Jari’s expertise

  • Planning and managing strategies and their implementations
  • Assessing and developing management systems, management teams and leadership
  • Network programs and development projects
  • Group and individual coaching for upper management