Pertti Markkanen

Pertti Markkanen

Managing Consultant, Engineer

Pertti is an experienced and bold developer of e-services for healthcare and social welfare. He has been part of planning and implementing several services and operating models regarding information management in the healthcare and social welfare sector.

okPertti is particularly experienced in utilising various new technologies as part of the everyday life in healthcare and social welfare. For example, Pertti is familiar with developing, implementing and expanding the use of security services (healthcare’s call and security systems using positioning technology, home care security services). In addition, Pertti has strong experience in developing electronic archiving as part of advancing the digitalisation of healthcare and social welfare.

Pertti is an engineer, and he is particularly interested in advancing knowledge-based management, high-quality and efficient healthcare and social welfare services, and cost-efficiency with the utilisation of different perspectives.

Pertti has started at Salivirta in 2021.

Pertti’s expertise

  • Knowledge-based management and knowledge management: Pertti has designed and implemented data repositories and their reports regarding management and process guidance.
  • Service management: Pertti has been responsible for all stages of service management’s life cycle when it comes to various kinds of services; from the early stages of specification and tendering to the controlled rundown of services.
  • Cost-efficient and high-quality management of services, including taking care of contracts and vendor relationships while considering the requirements set by laws and regulations.
  • Tasks regarding project management.