Paula Vieresjoki

Paula Vieresjoki

Managing consultant, Coach, Service Designer of social welfare and healthcare services
Master of Health Sciences, Doctoral Researcher

“Positive atmosphere, interaction, teamwork and positive practices are the foundation for a successful transformation and advance the learning process of individuals and organisations.”

Paula holds a master’s degree in Health Sciences. Paula has worked as a teacher of health management science, researcher and project coordinator as well as a coach for management and work communities.

Paula’s expertise includes solution-oriented coaching, co-development, facilitation and leadership development. Paula has in-depth understanding of healthcare and social welfare’s operational environment as well as phenomena regarding work communities and organisations from the perspectives of the administration, people and management. In her work Paula utilises her diverse understanding of administrative science and management theories as well as human behaviour in the development of organisations and work communities.

Paula’s expertise

  • Solution-oriented coaching
  • Co-development
  • Facilitating teamwork
  • Leadership development