Jarkko Närvänen

Jarkko Närvänen

Managing Consultant
Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration (Information Systems)

Well defined – well done.

Jarkko has worked as a consultant and project manager in information technology development for two decades with clients from both corporate and public sectors. In development projects of information management, Jarkko has focused on analysing the needs in terms of operations and data content, as well as requirements specifications and drafting various development plans. In terms of developing the architecture of the public healthcare, Jarkko’s key skills include compiling forms and document specifications.

Jarkko has worked at Salivirta since 2007.

Jarkko’s expertise

  • Specification of forms and documents for the national healthcare architecture (HL7 CDA standard)
  • Mapping, description, and specification of development needs of processes and information management
  • Requirements specification and use case descriptions of information systems
  • Comprehensive development planning for information management