Anja Mursu

Anja Mursu

Managing Consultant
Doctor of Economics

The availability of information eventually leads to positive results

Anja is an experienced developer of social welfare and healthcare operations and information management. As a healthcare information management consultant, she has a broad view of national development projects, as well as service and business-oriented information processing, business process modelling, and the definition of development needs and requirements in both private and public sector.

Anja’s strong expertise and career before consulting as a researcher, teacher, project manager and system analyst in information systems development projects have strengthened her ability to see essentials and outline the overall picture of operations.

Anja has worked at Salivirta since 2007

Anja’s expertise

As an information management developer

  • Service and business-oriented development of information management
  • Reviewing policies and processes and identifying the development needs
  • Comprehensive information management development planning (IT-strategies)
  • Data models and definition of enterprise architecture

Requirement specifications and procurements

  • Requirement specifications
  • Information requests