Anja Mursu

Anja Mursu

Managing Consultant, Partner

Doctor of Economic Sciences

Anja has been working as a consultant, researcher, teacher, and an IT development project manager in the field of business and data management for more than twenty years. As an IT management developer and project manager she has extensive understanding of business-oriented analytical data processing, operation process modelling, and mapping of development needs in both the private and public sector. As a researcher she has an ability to see what is important and visualise the overall view of the operations.

Anja has been working in Salivirta since 2007.

Anja’s special expertise

As an information management developer

  • reviewing of operating models and processes and identification of development needs,
  • comprehensive information management development plans (IT strategies),
  • specification of requirements and utilisation of data systems

As a process consultant

  • development of business-based information management
  • modelling of core and support processes and analysing of the enterprise architecture, and
  • change management in organisations.

As a concept designer

  • business-based specification and commercialisation of service concepts,
  • analysing of core and support services.

Anja has extensive experience in the social services and health care sector, as well as in e-services, and activities related to service vouchers. She has a good command of utilisation of customer-inclusive techniques – interviews, workshops, and polling – as well as of major research and analysis methods.