Marko Jousmäki

Marko Jousmäki

Managing Consultant

Information is needed in strategic and operational effectiveness planning. Information often exists, but its visibility and comprehensibility prevent effective use

Marko Jousmäki holds a bachelor’s degree in Production. Marko is completing his master’s studies, which deal with information management and leadership. Marko has almost 20 years of experience in information technology expert and development positions.

Customer assignments have included national and regional information and technology development projects. As a strength in his work, Marko has extensive knowledge of developing overall architecture and change management capabilities. Strong knowledge of technologies and their utilization in different operating environments, enables working in both operational and strategic level positions.

Marko’s special interest is to develop operations through knowledge-based value creation and effectiveness. The view of knowledge as part of intangible capital and thereby as a significant lever for the development of operations. The changing position of organizations, their service chains and advanced specialization build complexity. The diversity and amount of information challenges organizations to develop their operations.

Marko has been developing the utilization of information in various ministries and has drawn up strategies for the utilization of information at the national level. In addition, Marko has experience in developing service-oriented architecture and service management. In addition to development, he has been involved in the identification and procurement of information and technology-related projects.

Marko joined Salivirta in 2020.

Marko’s expertise

Knowledge management and information management: Marko has facilitated and been responsible for the projects of customer organizations, where the organizations have defined and implemented various information management practices and processes. In addition, at the strategic level, Marko has envisioned and prepared several reports concerning the utilization and management of information in organizations.

Enterprise Architecture: Marko has worked for several years as the chief architect and solution manager in the public administration service provider organization. In addition to this, Marko has facilitated and consulted the overall architecture of several organizations and its sub-entities.

Service Management:  Served as the administrator of the service management system. Participated in the definition and implementation of service management processes. Has its own vision for the development of service management in a multi-supplier environment, productization of services and lifecycle management.

Marko has extensive experience in the social and health care industry and in the digitalization of the operations of municipal organizations. He has strong experience in project management, workshops and facilitation methods