Marja Harjumaa

Marja Harjumaa

Managing Consultant, Service Designer of social welfare and healthcare services
Docent in Health Informatics

Marja has extensive experience as a specialist in developing digital health and welfare services. Since 2001, she has worked as a teacher, researcher, specialist and coordinator in both domestic and international projects.

Marja’s expertise lies in providing digital solutions to citizens, patients and healthcare professionals, developing operational models and processes, and utilising service design -based thinking in development. Marja’s strengths also include observing the change in operation from the perspective of behavioural sciences and her knowledge of service and technology innovations.

Marja has worked at Salivirta since 2020.

Marja’s expertise

As service designer

  • Ability to perceive things from various perspectives
  • Understanding technology’s role in healthcare and social welfare’s operational environments
  • Implementing a creative process systematically and efficiently

As a development specialist

  • Participatory approaches
  • Customer journeys
  • Evaluating service experience and effectiveness

As a coordinator

  • Project management skills and methods
  • Facilitating the cooperation of different parties