Markku Linnapuomi

Markku Linnapuomi

Managing Consultant
Master of Economic Sciences

Markku Linnapuomi has over 30 years of experience in different fields of information technology, including responsibility and management positions in ICT service provision, managerial duties in the information management of a healthcare organisation, and as an expert in a consulting firm. When it comes to positions of responsibility, Markku has acquired diverse experience in various areas of the development and management of businesses and services. He has over 20 years of expertise in the healthcare sector.

Markku’s areas of expertise include cybersecurity (particularly information security), ICT service procurements and tendering processes, audits, inspections and current state analyses regarding IT environment and ICT service assessment, requirements specifications and supplying, improving ICT services, processes and quality, and implementing transformation and development procedures.

In addition to working in positions of responsibility, Markku is in charge of the data protection of several data controllers, as well as specifying security and data security guidelines (hospital districts/ private healthcare/ unemployment funds/labour unions and member associations), among other things.

Markku has worked at Salivirta since 2017.

Markku’s expertise

  • Expert tasks regarding information security and data protection
  • Executing procurement and tendering processes
  • Auditing, mapping and describing ICT environments
  • ICT contract procedures
  • Information management and service business management
  • Modelling and developing service, operation and quality processes
  • Developing, conceptualising and productizing services
  • Assessing and developing data security, data protection and business continuity
  • Managing development and transformation projects
  • Auditing, conducting preliminary surveys and requirement specifications for ICT solutions/services

Markku has the ability to create a trusting relationship to the client organisation’s management and experts, he communicates with them in a language they can understand, and his expertise can be counted on.