Janne Lepistö

Janne Lepistö

Managing Consultant
Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration
Bachelor of Social Sciences

It’s Only Rock ’n’ Roll (But I Like It)

Janne Lepistö is an experienced and bold developer of services and data system solutions for the health care industry. Janne’s core strengths include modernisation of data ecosystems from the point of view of healthcare professionals as well as the clients of the services.

Janne has implemented dozens of transformation projects for the private and public sector. He has also been involved in the development of new services at national level. Janne has deep industry knowledge of the healthcare and social welfare sector, and a practical, productive, and systematic approach to projects.

Janne has worked at Salivirta since 2007.

Janne’s expertise

Strategy development and data ecosystems

  • Facilitation of strategy work
  • Comprehensive data systems as a support for the services and as a facilitator for the modernisation of operations
  • General architecture of private health care and the utilisation of the national information technology services

Development of services

  • Designing and implementing reforms in the service business
  • Management of development and transformation projects

Specification of requirements and acquisitions

  • Requirements specification
  • Tendering, in particular in private sector (patient data systems, e-services)