Pia-Marie Lahti

Pia-Marie Lahti

Managing Consultant

Registered Nurse

Pia-Marie has a professional background as a registered nurse and paramedic with experience from several different specialities from both private and public healthcare. Besides clinical work, she has worked as a supervisor and service manager. Through her experience she has developed a strong understanding and perception of clinical work with patients and different domains of healthcare. For the past couple of years she has worked with service design and development involving health technology. Through this work, she has developed a solid competence in healthcare process development and digitalization. Pia-Marie has proven skills in project management especially in multi-vendor projects. This enables her to manage complex projects from initial planning to delivery. Besides her work at Salivirta, Pia-Marie is finalizing her studies for a Master´s degree in Global development and management in health care.

Pia-Marie´s expertise

  • Deep understanding of private and public healthcare; from clinical work to management
  • Experienced team player in multidisciplinary teams
  • Project management of multi-vendor health technology development projects
  • Skills to lead complex projects from planning to delivery
  • Down-to-earth approach in getting things done
  • Innovative and eager to develop