Katariina Lassila

Katariina Lassila

Managing Consultant

Licentiate of Medicine

Even the smallest things can make a big difference

Katariina is a medical doctor who is experienced in development of organizations, strategies and medical education. Katariina has broad clinical work experience in various areas of medicine. In addition, Katariina has worked as a health policy associate in the Health Policy Department of The Finnish Medical Association (FMA) in charge of overseeing social and healthcare reform of Finland. She has also participated in the coordination of Doctor2030- and eHealth -committees, which both were focusing on healthcare technologies, patient care systems and digitalization. Katariina has also participated in diverse medical and clinical research activities in many research groups e.g. with FIMM-EMBL Group Leader Emmy Verschuren in the Institute of molecular medicine Finland (FIMM) and with Academy professor Howard T Jacobs in The Finnish Institute of Biotechnology.

Katariina’s special expertise

  • Process and workflow development in healthcare from clinical professional’s perspective. Katariina understands the demands and requirements of clinical professionals needed in implementing efficient processes and ICT solutions.
  • Extensive experience in change management, project management and daily management of healthcare staff.
  • An extensive network of contacts within healthcare providers both in the public and in the private sector, healthcare service and product vendors as well as medical scientists.