Timo Kaskinen

Timo Kaskinen

Managing Consultant
Master of Science in Production Engineering
IPMA Certified Project Manager (Level C)
Certified HL7® CDA Specialist

Understanding data architecture in the development of the healthcare and social welfare sector is critical. In order to achieve the target state, the data architecture requires appropriate efforts in development and solving critical problem points concerning existing systems and integrations.

Timo has worked as a consultant, expert, and project manager since 1998, handling projects of both the public administration as well as businesses. He has acted as an architect of extensive integrated systems and worked in developing architectures on national, regional, and local level. Timo is an experienced and result-oriented project manager who leaves no stone unturned to achieve the desired result! In architecture development, Timo’s strengths lie in his wide range of skills and emphasising on the exploitability of the end product.

Timo is one of Salivirta’s founding partners and has worked at the company since 2007.

Timo’s expertise

As a project manager

  • ability to manage the entire process from the initial concept development all the way through to the systems’ production stage
  • ability to communicate ideas in a language that is understood by both business managers as well as implementers
  • ability to manage both small and large-scale projects
  • practical, result-oriented and efficient manner of taking matters forward

As an architect

  • ability to manage the architecture development process at a reasonable level of precision in terms of usability
  • ability to consider architecture related matters in system and service procurements
  • unique expertise in data architecture in the healthcare and social welfare sector

In addition to the above skills, Timo has excellent understanding of the architecture methods KuntaIT and ValtIT that are used in Finland’s public administration, the international integration standards (HL7, IHE, Continua) applied in the healthcare and social welfare sector and he has implemented a large number of national interface and message specifications.