Jouni Paju

Jouni Paju

Managing Consultant
Master of Science (Eng.)

To err is human, to repeat the error is stupidity.

Jouni is an experienced and client-oriented professional in project management who has over 30 years of diverse and practical experience in ICT projects in different industries. He has worked as a project leader and in different expert tasks in healthcare and social welfare sector, as well as other industries like telecommunication, consulting, energy and manufacturing, mainly in ICT projects regarding development, planning and procurement.

“In order to see the big picture in a project, we have to figure out what needs to be done and why, so that the goals of the project are clarified. After this, it is essential to communicate to the stakeholders what, how and when something is to be done. Communication is essential throughout the entire project in order to guarantee the best possible outcome and quality. When a project comes to an end, it is important to make sure the client and other stakeholders understand the results, and that they are able to utilise them. The best project is such that you yourself can learn from.”

Jouni’s expertise

  • Project manager and technical expert tasks in ICT projects
  • ICT service procurements
  • IT service management specifications
  • Commissioning ICT services