Piritta Jalonen

Piritta Jalonen

Managing Consultant
Master of Health Science, Registered Nurse

Piritta is a trained nurse, a Master of Health Sciences, and a teacher. She has perfected her skills by taking training courses in management, process management, and service design. At present Piritta is working on her dissertation as a post-graduate student at the Oulu University; her research topic is the development of data flow processes in providing home care for the elderly, by applying joint development methods.

Before joining the Salivirta team, Piritta has worked as a health care workflow specialist with social services and health care data systems, as a service design specialist in nationwide development projects, and as a teacher of care work and care for the elderly in an institution of professional higher education.

Piritta has been working in Salivirta since 2017.

Piritta’s special expertise

  • Extensive experience in the social security and health care sector
  • Modelling and development of processes as well application of the service design approach in the development process
  • Introduction of technology into customer- and user-oriented services
  • Specification of data system solutions supporting practical work

Due to her nursing background Piritta also has extensive skills in the clinical care work.