Marjo Jalonen

Marko Jalonen

Managing Consultant, Partner
Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration

Digitalisation is one of the core tools to make analogisation possible.

Marko Jalonen is an experienced ICT architect and analyst in the public administration, and in particular – the health care sector. In his role as an architect Marko has been working in a wide range of capacities related to different aspects of comprehensive architecture frameworks. Marko has participated in the process of drafting the key national IT standards, profiles, and configurations for the national health care system, as well as in implementing national services in the role of the chief architect.

Marko has been working in Salivirta since 2015.

Marko’s special expertise

  • Data system architectures, specifications and system integrations, as well as communicating these matters in a language understood by customers
  • ICT standards, profiles, and definitions for the social security and health care sector
  • Exceptional skills in the field of the architecture, access models, and national analyses of the national Kanta service