Mikko Repka

Mikko Repka

Managing Consultant, Service Designer of social welfare and healthcare services
Master of Economic Sciences, Bachelor of Engineering (Industrial Management)

It is hard to digitalise something that one does not understand.

Mikko is an innovative and client-oriented service design professional who has over 18 years of diverse and practical designing experience in various industries. He has worked in various positions in designing services regarding health and welfare, banking and insurance, mobility etc., including different data system solutions and mobile solutions. Mikko gladly shares ideas and creates new concepts in groups but also has the ability to implement the ideas in practice and finalizing the plans in agile sprints together with multi-professional teams.

“Clarifying the needs of the end user and considering the voice of the user throughout the entire project is the right way to proceed. The more experienced I have become, the wider perspective I want to gain of the challenge at hand. I want to learn as much as possible about the entire ecosystem, different needs of the clients, and the connections between different industries and stakeholders.”

Mikko has worked at Salivirta since 2020.

Mikko’s expertise

  • Clarifying the user needs with the help of workshops, interviews and surveys etc.
  • Modelling and analysing the communication and information management flows in an organisation
  • Testing and assessing the usability of mobile and online services
  • Inclusion of mobility solutions (Mobility-as-a-Service, MaaS) into healthcare and social welfare solutions
  • Conducting podcasts