About Us

We are your lifeline in the healthcare digital transformation

No matter what your challenge, if it involves the healthcare and welfare sector and ties to ICT and technology – we can help. Established in 2007, we are a respected and trusted consultancy in this field. NHG Salivirta is a fully independent advisor.

Our 20+ senior consultants have an outstanding expertise of managing development processes at different sectors of healthcare and welfare. We are not in “IT business”, as we think that the digitalisation of processes and services is not enough anymore – one needs to have the courage to reform. This requires a deep understanding of the healthcare and welfare industry and a mindset of making a difference.

What we can help with: everything from national and service provider strategy work to driving national data standardization. We have also helped numerous IT vendors to build their market strategy and establish themselves in the Nordic markets. We are comfortable with complex undertakings such as helping a vendor comply with the EU and national legislation and aligning a product with the national e-health infrastructure.